The only Mikvah in Halifax is located within the building of the Beth Israel Synagogue. Anyone that needs to use the Mikvah is asked to phone Bassie Feldman (902) 422-4222  or the Synagogue at (902) 422-1301 at least 48 hours before they require it, so that the Mikvah may be filled and heated.

Please make sure to do all necessary “Chafifa preparations” at home, as only showers are available on site.

Finally, when coming to use the Mikvah, please park your car in the Synagogue’s driveway located at the side of the building, off Coburg Road, and enter the building through the entrance off the driveway leading into the Shul’s gym.

The essay, The Icy Mikvah: The story of a small Jewish town with a big Jewish problem by Rabbi Y. C. Grunstein, is a true story about our Mikvah at the Beth Israel synagogue.