Kosher Wines

For a listing of kosher wines (in addition to the Manischewitz/Magen David) available in Halifax, see below. These quality white and red wines add to the enjoyment of both traditional and modern High Holiday dishes. They are also available year round from the same outlets for family dinners, simchas, social events, gifting and all occasions enhanced by good wine:

The Hermon Red and the Hermon White are available at these NSLC outlets in Metro:
Port of Wines, Bayers Lake, Joe Howe, Mill Cove, Larry Uteck, Fall River, Tantallon and Portland Street.

Bishop’s Cellar has prepared the following list of their kosher wines:

Freixenet Brut Cava Sparkling:$20. Light and crisp, dry with good fruit and a slight mineral backbone.

Terra Vega Merlot:$12.50. Medium bodied with notes of fresh plums and raspberries.

Terra Vega Chardonnay:$12.50. Medium dry with light notes of fruit, short finish and fresh.

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc:$15. Medium dry, medium bodied with notes of green apple and honey dew.

Baron Herzog Chardonnay:$24. Dry, medium bodied white with notes of fruit, spice and wood.

Baron Herzog Zinfandel:$24. Dry, Full bodied and jammy with big notes of fresh fruit and a spicy finish. Great with BBQ.

Galil Red blend:$35. Bordeaux blend of Cabernet, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cab Franc. Big and full bodied with dark fruit and spices with toasted oak notes. Good aging potential.

Galil Viognier:$32. Dry, medium bodied with big notes of apricot, nectarine, and herbs all held together with elegant oak notes. Finishes smooth with a long finish.

Yarden Chardonnay:$34. Dry, medium to full bodied with notes of citrus zest, pear, and pineapple – as well as notes of flowers, and oak. Finishes full, and smooth with a long finish.

Yarden Cabernet Sauvingnon:$44. Dry, full bodied and powerful with notes of cherry, cassis, and mint, with earthy tones of oak and spice. This is a great wine for steak, and also has great aging potential.